How to Attract & Convert More Customers In Any Market Condition - Workshop #1


Would you like to learn proven but, little-known mind hacks, tech-tools, techniques and strategies to Attract More Customers & Close More Sales for Your Business?

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In this 3 hr hands-on workshop, you will:

  • Discover the Top 3 Fatal Mistakes that causes 99% of small business owners to struggle in acquiring new customers

  • Learn 3 Proven Methods to Promote Your Business, Attract More New Customers, Get More to Say 'Yes' to You!

  • Learn How You can Build & Amplify a Stronger Business Brand

  • Attract a Larger Pool of Prospects with TechTools, Events & Leverage on Online/Offline Networking

  • Gain proven strategies to start achieving over 500% ROI with the power of Technology, Strategic Marketing & Joint Ventures

  • Learn how to build profitable partnerships and referral channels for your business

  • Discover what it takes to convert more prospects into real paying customers!

This is for business owners who are willing to invest their time, effort and resources to take their business to the next level!

Note 1: This is not a get-rich-quick-sales-talk!

Note 2: This is an actual workshop; participants can expect to share their challengs and receive feedback

Note 3: Participation is expected. We believe in "sowing what you reap".

Participant Testimonial: January 2016

Seats are limited: Sign Up Now!

This is a real-hands on, practical training workshop for:

  • Small Business Owners looking to scale-up

  • Sales Professionals seeking to attract more customers

  • Entrepreneurs & Start-Uppers who want to skill up

  • Individuals who are committed to taking practical action to grow their business

  • Individuals who believe in the power of personal development & collaboration

  • ALSO WELCOMED: Aspiring / Pre-entrepreneurs who are thinking about starting their own businesses!

If you're serious about growing and achieving breakthrough for your business,


Seats are limited: Sign Up Now!

What Makes This Different?

I have spent over ten years studying and applying these strategies in different contexts and stages of life.

Insightful, Practical and Proven - I'm a big believer in practicality.

I take time to craft and apply systematic processes to help my students personalise & apply and implement these strategies immediately.

If you appreciate that there's more to life than work, and believe that the faster and better we get our work done, the better we can go about doing the things we love, with the people we love - we can work together.

With us, you don't get off-the-shelf, big motherhood responses which you can easily find on books, and still lead you nowhere.

Wou will get thought-out answers with considerations for your current position.

And I promise you, if I don't have the answer, I'll tell you I don't have the answer.

I'm not in this just to close the sale.

Our focus is to help you grow and take your business to the next level.

Seats are limited: Sign Up Now!

About The Trainer:

Gary Guwe
Serial-Entrepreneur | Art of Influence Coach
Senior Trainer & Founder, Catalyst Empowerment

Hi there!

Gary Guwe here!

I've been in business since 2008, and in the education industry since 2006. In 2012, I was head-hunted by an American MNC to help their sales people improve their sales performance.

Also - using the same set of branding and promo skills - I was invited by my professor to return to NUS to teach PhD students on how to communicate clearly and present persuasively.

Key point: I don't just teach theories - I practice what I preach - and it works!

Over the years I have shared and personally worked with and trained some of the top salespeople and business leaders, representing some of the biggest business brands, such as Google, Microsoft, HP, Siemens and Redhat.

I have also trained some of the top people from companies such as Prudential, AIA and TokioMarine, delivering programmes such as the Art of Influential Communication, High Performance Sales and the Art of Selling without Selling.



I am aware that small business owners face numerous challenges in this challenging market climate - and you really really practical strategies to grow stronger & achieve more results!

I also believe in the power of learning, collaborating as a community & forming authentic, strategic partnerships to grow business together.

Additionally, in my time working with both new and experienced sales professionals, representing businesses of different sizes, I learned that the key to being successful laid in more than just sales and persuasion.

Many actually offer a wonderful product & service, but few people know or care enough about it - because the message hasn't been clearly communicated and strongly delivered.


Getting more business involves a more subtle art of connectingwith people on a deeper level.

It also requires you to build and amplify your credibility so that more people trust you.

You will also need a systematic process to help you simplify the sales and engage with customers.

My realization led me to study and derive the Authoritative Art of Influence programme, which is based on the 7 Fundamental Laws of Influence, that's backed by years of science and research.

To be open & clarify - I didn't do that research. I just studied them, distilled the key principles, studied how they worked in everyday life - simplified it and taught others how to use it.

Because, there's no point in complicated ideas that's hard to be used.

In appreciating and applying these laws, I've began to find even more ways to help more people significantly enhance their success rate in their respective domains and business.

(Important keyword: Enhance, not control, not manipulate, not exploit)

If you have a product or service that adds value to your customers, and are looking for ways to further grow and breakthrough, this workshop will offer you additional insights & practical ideas.


Shortly after receiving my invitation to lecture at NUS, I was also headhunted by an American MNC serving 7 out of the Top 8 Fortune 500 IT companies in the world - a feat, considering I was still relatively fresh out of college, and still below the age of 30 then.

There and implementing sales strategies with AOI principles, which saw me successfully and consistently helping the company's sales teams improve their sales ROI by between 20-30% on average; that's millions of dollars worth in additional revenue.

Millions of dollars of money, which would've been lost if we didn't help them with their sales strategies.

My sales team IMMEDIATELY performed so much better upon completing Gary's training. They are now able to effectively navigate and execute their sales process, & engage with customers with enhanced clarity and focus on what makes our customers tick. All these, only after ONE day's work! Amazing!

Wonderful work, Gary!"

Arun Rajput Kumar,
Sales Manager 2
ServiceSource International (Singapore)

Tue Oct 18, 2016
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM SGT
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SCWO Training Room 2, 96 Waterloo Street, Singapore 187967
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How to Attract & Convert More Customers In Any Market Condition - Workshop